Customers Orders Total for CRE Loaded

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This simple mod will show the total number of orders placed by each customer. The number will show on the orders.php listing page, just to the left of the name something like - #7 "preview" John Smith, where #7 is the number of orders placed by this customer.

I find it useful to know how many orders were placed by the customer, especially if they ask for a discount.

This contribution has been found on osCommerce website, but you can ask us how much would it cost to get it working with CRE Loaded



Customers says

We have been using CRE Help for several months now and had them install many custom contributions to suite the needs of our store. They provide friendly professional service that is always completed in a resonable time frame. Pricing is far more reasonable than you would think and they always answer emails promptly...

Mike Kaser, United States
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